Hidrex PSP1000 Iontophoresis Machine – Hands and Feet


Advanced pro-grade iontophoresis machine

Direct and pulsed current for hands and or feet




The Hidrex PSP 1000 is a mains powered, fully featured professional Iontophoresis device that is used extensively in hospitals and clinics worldwide to treat Hyperhidrosis. It can be used with ease home with great results for Axillae Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating under the arms.It is the very latest Pulsed and Direct Current iontophoresis device and replaces the Hidrex PS500. This model of iontophoresis machine has a new, advanced feature that is exclusive to this machine and the Hidrex brand. The PSP 1000 has a variable pulse setting which increases the amount of energy applied to the treatment area in pulsed current treatments by 80%, greatly assisting patient response to treatments. This machine supersedes the Hidrex PS 500.


Hidrex Iontophoresis machines were shown in the four most recent series of the Channel Four Embarrassing Bodies programme and on Live from the Clinic in both May 2012 and May 2014. The patients featured in the award winning documentary, were advised to use a Hidrex machine for Plantar Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the feet) and Axillae Hyperhidrosis(underarm sweating) by the show’s doctors and the results were amazing.The patients featured on the show overcame the condition (Excessive Sweating) using iontophoresis.

“Hidrex Iontophoresis Machines Have Been Recommended By Doctors On Embarrassing Bodies For Treating Hyperhidrosis In 5 Series Of The Show”


Iontophoresis therapy is an extremely successful treatment, but requires correct usage and the very best support available and not all patients will respond. Our unique level of FREE lifetime customer telephone, email, web and video support will ensure the best results and help you to normalise your sweat levels. If it fails to solve your sweat problem, we provide an 8 week money back guarantee*. In addition to our money back offer, the unit is provided with a manufacturer’s two year warranty. Please see our ‘guarantee and warranty’ section for more information.

A prescription from your GP is not required to undergo iontophoresis.


The compact and lightweight unit is manufactured to the highest standards and comes in it own modern carry case. The Hidrex PSP1000 is mains operated with a robust, reliable control unit constructed using medical grade components. It is dual voltage and so will work in both 110v and 240 volt locations across the world.


  • 1 x Hidrex PSP1000 switchable pulsed & direct current contol unit.
  • 1 x Pair of 4mm electrode connection cables.
  • 1 x AC 110v – 240v power adapter.
  • 1 x Combined carry case.
  • Manufacturer 2 year warranty on control unit.
  • Our 8 week money back guarantee.
  • Free one to one telephone & email support.
  • Full instructions for Use.

Important Notice:

Under VAT Notice 701 / 7 (2002) – VAT reliefs for disabled people, iontophoresis machines (and accessories purchased at the same time as the machine) are eligible for VAT exemption. Iontophoresis machines are Certified Medical Devices and have the sole purpose of treating the disabling condition Hyperhidrosis. This product is supplied as a certified medical device for the private treatment of Hyperhidrosis by the individual purchasing the product and is not intended for professional usage. You will be given the option to add VAT to your order if you are not eligible. All private individuals within the EU are eligible for VAT exemption.

Please note: International orders delivered outside the European Union are Zero Rated for VAT but you will have to pay local import taxes / duties on your purchase. 

Who cannot use this device?

The following are absolute contra indications. Fitted with / or?

  • with a heart pacemaker
  • with an ICD (implanted cardiodefibrillator)
  • during pregnancy

The contra indications below are relative, so iontophoresis can be performed after seeking advice from your Doctor or other Healthcare professional.

  • with metalliferous Intrauterine devices (Coil)
  • with large skin defects / wounds, which can not be masked with Vaseline
  • with tumour diseases
  • with thrombosis
  • with strongly reduced sensibility of hands and feet (e.g. polyneuropathy)
  • Children younger than 5 years
  • with metal implants in the area of current flow** (arms or legs)

** For example, you may conduct iontophoresis treatments on the feet, if you have metal implants in areas away from current flow, i.e in your arms.

If you are in any way unsure about your suitability, seek advice from your Doctor, Dermatologist or other Healthcare Professional.


The Hidrex PSP1000 is really two machines in one. It can operate in Direct Current (recommended for treating the feet) or be switched over to the more sensitive Pulsed Current mode for all other areas.

Standard pulsed current treatment provides power to the electrodes 50% of the time and then pauses power for the remaining 50% of the cycle. It is this on / off power feature that enables sensitive treatments on the skin – the bodies’ receptors do not ‘feel’ this pulse current flow. Direct current means that power from the machine is sent to the electrodes without any break in the flow, i.e power is applied 100% of the cycle time. Direct current is more powerful, due to the fact that power is applied without a break and so is traditionally better for treating the feet.

By adjusting the power / break percentages, the patient can set the amount of time the unit provides power to the electrodes. You can at the press of a button, increase the power in 10% increments while at the same time decreasing the time the unit pauses power. For example, you can choose 60% power with 40% pause, 70% power with 30% pause, all the way up to 90% (100% would be direct current).

This breakthrough in iontophoresis technology will enable far more sufferers of Hyperhidrosis to enjoy successful treatment. Even users who suffer with sensitive skin, or who suffer in difficult areas to treat, such as the face, neck and body can benefit. The Hidrex PSP1000 applies 80% more energy in pulsed current mode than any other pulsed current machine currently on the market.


It is constructed in Germany to surpass stringent EU standards and is completely safe to use and is certified as a medical device. Our iontophoresis machines do not require the use of any drugs. Treatments are performed using only tap water, although if recommended by your Doctor all machines can be used with medications such as Glyco

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