Idromed®5PS Pulsed Current Iontophoresis Machine for Underarms

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Stop Underarm Sweating. 8 Week Money Back Guarantee.

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  • Professional grade Iontophoresis Machine
  • High power for faster results
  • Pulsed Current for sensitive treatment areas
  • Static Shock protection
  • Built-in timer
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Take on flights as hand luggage
  • Two Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Lifetime Support

The latest Iontophoresis device from Dr Hönle, the Idromed® 5PS, a powerful Iontophoresis machine designed for effective treatment in the comfort of your own home. Simple, single dial controls with a clear text LCD display. One of the best machines on the market especially configured for treating excessive sweating of the underarms (Axillary Hyperhidrosis).

In scientific studies, Pulsed Current, such as the one provided by the Idromed® 5PS, is rated as the optimum therapy method, especially for treating very sensitive skin and younger users. During treatment, the Pulsed Current is almost non-perceptible, greatly reducing possible side effects, such as skin irritation.


  • Idromed® 5PS Control Panel
  • DC 100-240v UK Power Pack – Works Worldwide (relevant adaptor included)
  • Electrode Cables (pair)
  • Small Metal Electrodes (pair)
  • Underarm Sponges (pair)
  • Carry Case
  • Instructions for use

Contra-Indications for Iontophoresis

Tap water Iontophoresis (sometimes referred to as TWI) is a proven, non-invasive and drug free treatment for Hyperhidrosis. It is an extremely successful therapy that should be considered if high quality maximum strength antiperspirants are unable to control sweat levels. Iontophoresis is very much the next step treatment for excessive sweating and should be attempted before considering surgery or injections. Please do not use Iontophoresis treatment if you:

  • have a heart pacemaker
  • have an ICD (implanted cardio-defibrillator)
  • are pregnant
  • are fitted with a coil
  • have large metal implants in the area
  • have large skin cuts
  • have tumour diseases
  • have thrombosis
  • have polyneuropathy
  • are under 5 years of age

If you are in any way unsure about your suitability, seek advice from your Doctor, Dermatologist or other Healthcare Professional.



Our Idromed machines are covered by a 2 year manufacturer-backed guarantee against faulty workmanship.

The warranties on all machines cover the non-consumable items within the iontophoresis kits. This basically means that the most expensive section of the kit (the control panel and power pack) is fully covered, but items that are deemed as consumable, such as the electrodes, sponge covers and pads, are not covered. This is because over time, these consumables may require replacement from normal wear and tear in order to keep the unit serviceable.

Nothing in this warranty affects your statutory consumer rights.


Our Idromed machines are covered by an eight week money back guarantee. It is designed to allow you the peace of mind to purchase an iontophoresis machine from us with the comfort of knowing that if in the unlikely event of your sweat problem not being solved by treatments you can return the product to us for a refund. As a condition of the guarantee, if you do experience problems, please contact our support team for advice on treatment – a simple adjustment to treatment plans can make all the difference.

This guarantee is for the full system purchased, however for hygiene reasons, any additional accessories purchased are non-refundable. Please look after the equipment. Goods returned under our money back offer must be in original condition. We reserve the right to refuse damaged goods or charge for repairs and replacements to damaged parts. Return postage costs are non refundable. Please also contact us to authorise the return.

This offer is in addition to your statutory rights and those under the Consumer Protection Act which gives all EU customers the right to cancel and return unwanted items, that are in saleable condition within seven days of receipt.


Under VAT Notice 701/7 (2002) – VAT reliefs for disabled people, iontophoresis machines (and accessories purchased at the same time as the machine) are eligible for VAT exemption. Iontophoresis machines are Certified Medical Devices and have the sole purpose of treating the disabling condition Hyperhidrosis. This product is supplied as a certified medical device for the private treatment of Hyperhidrosis by the individual purchasing the product and is not intended for professional usage. All private individuals within the EU are eligible for VAT exemption.

Please note: International orders delivered outside the European Union are Zero Rated for VAT but you will have to pay local import taxes / duties on your purchase.




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