Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodoriser 125ml

Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodouriser is formulated with Natural Ingredients to help eliminate odour from shoes and sneakers by fighting the bacteria that cause the odour.


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Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodoriser

Natural Shoe Deodoriser. Formulated using all-natural ingredients straight from mother nature, this powerful odour-killer fights the microbes that cause odour in the first place, leaving you feeling fresh and clean all day long.

  • Use as often as needed
  • Easy to use and quick to dry
  • Made using natural ingredients
  • Reduces bacteria commonly found in shoes
  • Prolongs shoe life and leaves them fresher, for longer

Hard working feet deserve hardworking relief. Use the Neat Feat Natural Shoe Deodorizer to eliminate uncomfortable and unpleasant shoe odours, while keeping your feet drier and fresher for longer. A powerful antiperspirant formulation has proven efficacy in fighting foot and shoe odours by getting to the source – the bacteria that cause them. A potent antifungal ingredient seals the deal, supporting healing from common minor foot conditions and infections.

Reduce wetness with a formulation that’s safe for the whole family. A large value pack is more economical, for the Earth and your wallet, with each tube conveniently packaged for easy application in your shoes or socks. Use as often as needed for renewed freshness and all-day comfort. Best used at the end of the day – place shoes in a warm spot overnight to let this one-of-a-kind shoe deodorizer work its magic.

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