Which Iontophoresis Machine?
Which Machine Should I Choose?

Which iontophoresis machine you select really depends on several key factors including: which area(s) of the body you require treatment, severity of condition, age, skin condition, skin type and of course, your budget.

As a general rule, we would recommend that you purchase a pulsed current machine as these machines provide a far more comfortable treatment at high power. The basic principal of iontophoresis is that you want to pass the maximum amount of current into the area being treated for the duration of your treatment session.

Direct Current = P100 or power applied 100% of the treatment time, so over a 20 minute treatment time the patient receives 20 minutes of dosage. This is very efficient but can be uncomfortable for some users in some treatment areas.

Pulsed Current = P50 or power applied 50% of the treatment time, so over the same 20 minute session the patient receives 10 minutes of dosage. Pulsed current treatments are much more sensitive but this is obviously less efficient than direct current.

Adjustable Pulsed Current = The power can be adjusted to differing strengths. This feature is only available on the Hidrex PSP1000. With this machine you can switch from direct current to pulsed and vice versa and also adjust the strength of the pulsed current to increase efficiency. Placing the machine in P90 or power applied 90% will give the patient a sensitive treatment but far greater efficiency. The 20 minutes session in P90 will provide 18 minutes of dosage.

Performing treatments regularly in a setting which suits your skin type and treatment area will enable you to reach the current versus sweating ‘breakover’ point faster and more comfortably. Most patients will not be able to comfortably reach high powers in direct current in areas such as underarms, torso and sometime the hands.

The feet rarely require tap water iontophoresis treatments in pulsed current. The skin is much thicker and more tolerant in this area.

If you have sensitive skin, are adolescent, or are treating areas in which the skin is thinner and therefore more sensitive to the current, a pulsed machine will enable you to operate the iontophoresis machine at effective levels with minimal discomfort. As an illustration, if you were to operate a direct current machine on your hands and found that 20v was uncomfortable, then a pulsed current machine may allow you to perform a session at 30v before you felt the same level of discomfort. This enables you to perform effective treatments and therefore have a higher chance of success.

We also only recommend the professional grade machines. These have the power and features to ensure the best chance of success.