Perspi-Guard Odour Control Bodywash Product REVIEW by The Antiperspirant and Deodorant Company Online Shop

Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash – product review

28th Jan 2020

Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash is different from other standard or regular body washes and shower gels.

Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash

Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash is different from other standard or regular body washes and shower gels.

It is intended to be used in areas of the body that are commonly affected by malodorous smells. For most people this means we are talking about the underarms, the groin and the feet.

Apocrine and Eccrine Sweat Glands

These are the areas of the body that contain the highest concentrations of the Apocrine Sweat Glands. You may not be aware but our bodies all have two variants of sweat gland: Apocrine and Eccrine.

Sweating from the eccrine sweat glands is actually very important as this is how we regulate our temperatures. Eccrine sweat glands are found all over the body and produce a very light  low viscosity liquid. When we are hot, our sweat glands respond and contract and secrete liquid. This then reaches the surface of the skin which is cooled by air and helps keeps us at a perfect 37 degrees or so. As this form of sweat is so light and thin it dissipates and evaporates very quickly and tends to not cause any issues in terms of body odour.

Eccrine sweat glands however have no real reason to exist:
They are a genetic hangover from a time when scent was more important to human communication. It is thought that pheromones contained in the thick viscous substance produced by these sweat glands, was used to communicate and identify other humans.

These sweat glands reacted to psychological events; Apocrine glands are activated or triggered by adrenaline and so react and secrete sweat when we are nervous, anxious, scared or stimulated.

This was a beneficial communication tool to cavemen and women, but not so useful nowadays in an office in Croyden!

Problem Body Odour

All sweat produced by the body contains bacteria that reacts with air on the surface of the skin.

This bacteria breaks down lipids and by doing so produces malodourous by-products such as butyric acid and it is butyric acid that is the commonly know smell of Body Odour or ‘BO’ smell. The lighter apocrine sweat contains far less bacteria than the viscous liquid produced by the eccrine glands so is much less of an issue.

This thicker sweat does not evaporate quickly, remains on the skin and can cause persistent body odour.

Deodorising Body Wash

Standard products are designed to make you smell good. Perspi-Guard is designed to stop you smelling bad.

This is because a standard product will only remove some of the odour causing bacteria from the skin and then mask the rest temporarily with fragrance. Simply washing will not remove all the odour causing bacteria from the skin. If bacteria is still present then the skin is not fully clean and so when you apply antiperspirants you will be doing so to skin that is already dirty and will soon start to smell! You need to lift the bacteria from the skin.

‘Tricolsan’ is a well known and exceptionally effective antibacterial ingredient. It will target odour causing bacteria build up and break it down leaving the skin clean and odour free. Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash contains this ingredient and this will provide you with a clean base to begin with ready for application of antiperspirant. Using antiperspirant in combination with Perspi Guard Odour Control Body Wash will help to maintain clean, dry and odour free skin.

How do I use this product?

Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash should be applied to wet skin in areas that have issues with odour.

Place a small amount of Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash to the palm of your hands. Apply direct to wet skin in the areas of concern. Work the liquid to a lather and cover the full area. Leave on for a moment or two then rinse. You can repeat this process if necessary. Use the product for as long as you have the issue with body odour. After showering, dry the skin and in the case of underarms, apply a good quality high strength antiperspirant such as Perspi Guard Maximum Strength.