Why Apply at Night?
The Antiperspirant & Deodorant Company

Why is it better to apply antiperspirant at night?

There is a really very simple reason why applying antiperspirant at night provides greater levels of protection from sweating. Basically our sweat glands are least active when we are relaxed and about the retire to bed. This less active period allows time for the active ingredients in antiperspirants to reach the skin before being secreted away by sweat glands.

High strength antiperspirants contain aluminium salts as the active ingredient to stop sweating. There are various different formats, and strengths of aluminum salts, aluminium chloride and aluminium chlorohydrate, being the most commonly used and effective versions of the ingredient.

These actives are normally ‘carried’ in a denatured alcohol solution. This alcohol denat provides a very stable and bacteria-limiting environment for the antiperspirant formula. This also, importantly, opens the pores upon contact with the skin, delivering the active just below the surface of the skin. This forms a partial plug that, in high quality formulas, is enough to restrict the viscous sweat produced under the arms. The skin in is then kept dry and free from troublesome sweat.

The quality and strength of the formula will determine how long the antiperspirant offers protection form sweat and subsequent odour.

If you apply in the morning, the body will be active, sweat glands will be producing sweat and the antiperspirant is much more likely to be removed from the skin before it has had a chance to function.