Rewards Scheme



Earn 5 Reward Points for every £1 you spend with us
To collect and redeem, you must open a free account with us.
If you already have one, please log in for every purchase,
otherwise points won’t be collected.

Example: £9.95 a product will give you 50 Points


For every 50 Points collected, you can redeem £1 OFF off your next purchase!
Save up Reward Points to pay in full for goods!
Don’t forget to log into your account to redeem your discounts.
Guest checkouts can neither earn or redeem points.

Example: Redeem 150 points at checkout, get £3 OFF!


For every Review* you make on the website you’ll earn 15 Extra Points!

Example: Write a review about a product you purchased with us, we’ll check & approve the comment and reward you with 15 Extra Points!

(*all reviews will be checked & approved before points are credited. Reviews must come from customers who purchased directly with us! Guests comments won’t be accepted)

You cannot collect rewards points on shipping fees.

Refunds & Cancellations:
In the event of a refund (partial or total) or a cancellation order, rewards points will be deducted regardless.

Points expiration:
Reward Points don’t have an expiration date/period.

Iontophoresis Machines:
Iontophoresis Machines are excluded from the Rewards Scheme.
You won’t be able to collect points for these items, however, you can still collect points for other products in the basket.
For example, you will still collect points for a deodorant while ordering a machine with it.

Products on Sale:
You can also collect points on items that are on sale or offer

Limited amount to collect points:
At the moment, there are no limits to points collection nor limited amount of order at checkout.
Iontophoresis Machines & Accessories are exempt from points collection.

You’ve ordered elsewhere:
If you’ve ordered our products from Amazon or eBay and want to collect points from these previous orders, please contact us by email with the order number and the shipping name on the address. If we can verify you, you must accept the opening of an account on our website to benefit from this Reward Scheme. Points will be transferred into your account if approved.
We will only back date points to your last order. No points discounts will apply to previous or external orders if not used directly in this website.

Need more help?
Please contact us via email and we will get back to you.