Antiperspirant VS Deodorant - There's a difference

Antiperspirant VS Deodorant - There's a difference

Are you aware that there is a difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

They are two completely different products often incorrectly classed as the same.

An antiperspirant performs an action on the skin by temporarily blocking sweat glands and preventing sweat from reaching the surface of the skin.
This will prevent the embarrassing wet marks on underarms. It will also prevent sweat reaching the surface of the skin creating odours.

Deodorants basically do nothing more than mask the odours produced by the sweat breaking down.


Antiperspirants are found in various different formats.
The most common would be a spray or a roll on but they are also made in creams, gels, powders and stick forms.

They are even found in antiperspirant wipe formats which are convenient for travel or festivals.

High strength antiperspirants are intended for problem perspiration. They are significantly stronger than regular antiperspirants.

Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Treatments
Perspi-Guard High Strength Antiperspirant 50ml Spray

Perspi-Guard Antiperspirant Action Graphic


Deodorants basically do nothing more than mask the odours produced by the sweat breaking down.  They will not actually stop the sweat.

A good deodorant will have some form of anti-bacterial ingredient that will help reduce body odour.

The Antiperspirant & Deodorant Company
Perspi-Shield Aluminium & Alcohol Free Deodorant 50ml
Perspi-Rock Natural Deodorant - A&Dco
Perspi-Rock 100% natural deodorant

Others will simply cover body odour smells with strong fragrance. Importantly, deodorants do not stop sweating. If you sweat heavily, a deodorant will not keep you dry.

When to apply antiperspirant

Applying antiperspirant at night works better as the sweat glands are least active and this allows the formula to position itself on the skin before it is secreted away. This is true for all antiperspirants but standard antiperspirants cannot withstand morning washing.

High strength products such as Perspi-Guard antiperspirant are designed to last through washing. Perspi-Guard is clinically proven to last 5 days from one application. This means you only need to apply once or twice per week. This product contain an enhanced formula which is designed to provide complete protection from sweat.


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