Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel Antiperspirant 50g

Lightweight antiperspirant gel that prevents excess facial sweating.


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  • Reduces facial wetness and shine
  • No facial residue, no deposit, no stickiness
  • Easy and smooth to apply
  • Keeps make-up looking fresh all day

Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel gives long lasting results. It’s highly effective antiperspirant formulation helps prevent facial perspiration and also decreases the amount of visible facial wetness and shine for several hours.


Easy to apply and lightweight, Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel evaporates rapidly from the surface of the skin, leaving behind no residue, deposit or stickiness.


Although it can be applied at any time, Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel is best applied before other facial cosmetics. In such cases, the second product will remain on the skin for much longer and will be less influenced by facial perspiration. This can be particularly useful for products that are required to remain on the skin for as long as possible, such as make-up or sun cream.


Neat® 3B Face Saver is ideal for people working in warm climates, sportspeople and people who perspire more freely than others.


Can be applied to the forehead, upper lip and the back of the neck, avoid contact with the eyes and scalp. Use once or twice daily before applying usual skin products.


Aqua, Aluminium-Zirconium-Tetrachlorohydrex-Glycine complex (as 100%) Propylene Glycol, Cyclotetrasiloxane (and)  Cyclopentasiloxane (and) PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Cyclotetrasiloxane, Parfum.

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30 reviews for Neat® 3B Face Saver Gel Antiperspirant 50g

  1. Miss Georgina

    I love it!
    If you sweat like me, buy this stuff.
    The medication I’m on makes me get over warm, so I perspire on my face a lot. I saw this on google so ordered some and when I ran out I ordered more from Amazon!
    I put it on on a bit before my make up. It rubs in well. Try not to get it in your eyes or lips. Not nice!
    Once it’s dry then you can put your make up on! I Love it! Obviously it’s not fool proof and can come through a bit but it helps a lot.
    Also it has helped stop my spot problem.

  2. kathrymcdad-0

    An amazing product. It really does work. I have had problems with facial sweating for years. I asked my GP for a facial antiperspirant and was told there’s no such thing. I was only given general anti sweat tablets (which dry up your mouth too!). I asked in places like Boots and Superdrug only for them to reply with a scoff ” no theres no such thing as a facial antipersperant”. It is a bit over perfumed but you don’t smell it once it’s dried in. So glad I found this.

  3. Lisa

    I use this at night to prevent my cpap mask getting sweaty and slipping at night. I’ve started using it in the day and it makes a great primer for make up aswell.

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