Neat Feat Shoe Deodoriser 125ml

Neat Feat Shoe Deodoriser. Effective odour control for the feet and shoes.


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Neat Feat Shoe Deodoriser contains an antibacterial ingredient that destroys the odour and helps to prolong the life of footwear.

Hard-working feet deserve a hard-working deodorizer. Kill bacteria and combat odours, while prolonging the lifespan of your favourite shoes.

  • Convenient 360° design works from every angle – even upside down
  • Non-staining formula
  • Effectively kills odour-causing bacteria while fighting shoe odours
  • Easy to use with results that last all day and night long
  • Doctor-developed with proven efficacy

Neat Feat’s potent shoe deodorizer is developed by some of New Zealand’s leading doctors to bring you a high-performance deodorizer that effectively fights bacteria and odours. Keep confident, dry, and odour-free all day and night, thanks to tough antibacterial and anti fungal ingredients. This convenient spray deodorizer is safe for the whole family to enjoy, packaged in an easy tube for quick application on the feet (whether you’re wearing shoes or socks, or both).

Neat Feat, in partnership with the best podiatrists in New Zealand, spent years researching the most effective ways to reduce foot perspiration and wetness – and keep things that way to boot. The result is a convenient spray-on foot deodoriser that’s effective, economical, and really works.

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