Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Roll-On 30ml

Exceptionally effective antiperspirant roll-on containing Aloe Vera.


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  • The ultimate level of protection from sweat and odour
  • Concentrated formula= 30ml lasts the average user 2-3 months!
  • Apply at night before bed just once or twice per week
  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera
  • Originally designed for Hyperhidrosis
Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Roll-On is an exceptionally effective solution to excessive sweating. In addition to ensuring complete protection from both sweat and odour, it is also remarkably gentle on the skin.

It also contains both Aloe Vera and Allantoin which help to soothe the skin. This product’s concentrated formulation is so effective that it only requires application once or twice per week.


Originally created for sufferers of excessive sweating, also known medically as Hyperhidrosis. However, as it is so gentle on the skin, it is perfectly suited for non-sufferers too.


Suitable for use by men and women of all normal (non-hypersensitive) skin types from the age of 6 years to treat excessive or problem sweat and odour.


Apply at night before bed to clean, dry skin ensuring good contact with the treatment area and allow to dry. In the morning wash or shower as normal, scented products can be used to provide fragrance. Apply 1-2 times per week or as required. Application on children (6+ years) should be performed by adults.


Aqua, Alcohol Denat, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, Aluminium Chloride, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Triethyl Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Propylene Glycol, Allantoin, Dimethicone.

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13 reviews for Perspi-Guard® Maximum Strength Antiperspirant Roll-On 30ml

  1. Mrs T

    It actually works!
    After buying numerous products over the years claiming to stop sweat patches appearing on your clothing, I bought this hoping for a good result but not really expecting much, well it actually works! I have waited a week to write this review to see how I got on with the product.

    I am 39 and have suffered from constantly over sweating since puberty, I forever live in black and usually have patches under my arms within an hour even after showering, and it makes me feel so self conscious. I started using Perspi-Guard on night 1 as per the instructions, I applied a liberal amount all over my armpit after a shower, slept and washed it off in the morning as advised. I did the same thing the night after. Then didn’t apply anything on night 3 or 4 night as I wanted to shave and have noticed from using other products your skin can become very sensitive and irritated when using these type of roll ons. During this period I can say that I did still sweat but literally about 90% less than I usually would throughout the day, it felt damp and clammy rather than wet. So, I decided on night 5 night to apply some more. I haven’t re-applied it since and yesterday (day 6) was a very warm day here, I decided to wear a light coloured top whilst I sat in the garden and couldn’t believe my arm pits were completely dry, this morning just a week on from when I started using it, I put it to the ultimate test and instead of driving I cycled the half hour journey to work in the top shown in the pictures…..I can’t believe what a different this product has made in just a short time, the top shows no massive sweat patches. It is amazing!

    I would say that you probably need to test it out and see how it works with your body and your sweat patterns, I will continue to monitor it and if I feel wet or clammy thought the day I will reapply for a few nights. I have noticed also that if I do sweat it seems to dry more quickly where as before I would sweat even more, even in a cold room.
    I read in other reviews that a few people were complaining about the price of the product, I think this is very reasonable for a product that works, I would pay double the price if it saved me the embarrassment that I have felt over the years. There isn’t much of a chemical smell to it either compared to some of the other products I have used.
    Here’s to wearing bright clothes in the future and I hope this product works for you.

  2. Customer

    Does the job
    I was a bit spectacular about this as every deodorant never worked for me
    Wow I’m amazed it actually works
    It’s great to have dry armpits
    I do sweat alot but this is just great
    Wish they do one for face and whole body though
    It’s nice not to worry about smelly armpits too
    I reckon it’s worth the money
    It’s a small roll on but it last abit long as you put it on twice a week
    This is my new deodorant from now

  3. Lewis

    Nothing could be as permanent than having surgery but unfortunately many people just don’t have that kind of money. However this product is a great alternative and I find myself using this every 3-4 days before bed after showering. This has removed my excessive sweating which always was a problem for me when wearing my work shirts. This is a pain free alternative to surgery however I’ve noticed if you stop using this solution than the sweating will return. So it just needs to because a part of your life.

    If you are experiencing hyper hydrosis that I recommend you try this product before deciding to get hundreds of pounds to get permanent work done.

    It will give you back your confidence.

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