Who Can Use Iontophoresis?

Is Iontophoresis the right treatment for you?

Iontophoresis is a simple, safe and very effective method of controlling Hyperhidrosis. It can be used at home without prescription or training, by men, women and children over the age of 6 (under parental supervision). It should be considered if high strength antiperspirants fail to help and before medication, injections or surgery. With the right machine and expert advice, most patients will go on to get the result they desire – dry, sweat-free skin. Iontophoresis is painless, drug and medication free and can provide results in a few days that will last several weeks.

Some machines are better suited to certain treatments areas and skin types. For example, if you are using for a child or have sensitive skin then you will be better treated by a Pulsed Current Machine as these offer a sensitive current delivery. Pulsed current machines are also generally better for areas of the body that often find direct current intolerable (such as underarms). For the feet, a Direct Current machine is normally fine.

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Contra-Indications for Iontophoresis

Tap water Iontophoresis (sometimes referred to as TWI) is a proven, non-invasive and drug free treatment for Hyperhidrosis. It is an extremely successful therapy that should be considered if high quality maximum strength antiperspirants are unable to control sweat levels. Iontophoresis is very much the next step treatment for excessive sweating and should be attempted before considering surgery or injections.

If you are in any way unsure about your suitability, seek advice from your Doctor, Dermatologist or other Healthcare Professional.

Please do not use Iontophoresis treatment if you:

  • have a heart pacemaker
  • have an ICD (implanted cardio-defibrillator)
  • are pregnant
  • are fitted with a coil
  • have large metal implants in the area
  • have large skin cuts
  • have tumour diseases
  • have thrombosis
  • have polyneuropathy
  • are under 5 years of age